Sapere Aude Guitar Duo is one of Norway’s leading classical guitar duos of today. Focusing solely on the early romantic music performed on historical instruments.

After many years of playing concerts they released their debut album Notre Ennuis on the label Acoustic Landscapes in the fall of 2017. The album has been well received and appreciated by the media.


Andreas Lines (NO) is a classical guitarist and lute player who specializes in historicaly informed performance practice. In addition to playing the lute, theorbo and the romantic guitar, he works on the development of a more historically conceived approach to performing baroque music on the modern classical guitar.
Andreas plays on a 2012 Simen Omang.

Karl Michelson (SWE) is a classical guitarist, arranger, and teacher. He specialises on the performance of late classical and early romantic music on historical instruments. He is at the moment starting some personal research regarding the improvisational aspects of performing early 19th century music; such as cadenzas and ornaments.
Karl plays on a 2009 John van Gool.