Cover art photos

Exciting times are ahead of us. The debut album Notre Ennuis is on the way and a lot of cool stuff is in the making. We’ve uploaded some new photos by award winning photographer Charlie Fjätström, which will be included in the cover art on the album. Plus the website got itself a new layout. More info…

Studio report

Today is our first day in the Acoustic Landscape Studios, and so far we’ve recorded some good takes. Here’s short clip of some of todays work. Guess the composer. ​​


Now you can follow the updates on upcoming events even easier. Check out the calendar on our Concerts & Events page.

A big thank you!

A big thank you to all the people who showed up at the concert on saturday. We couldn’t have been more happy with it! Here´s a picture showing how happy we were, and also a sound clip from a couple of weeks ago when we recorded some Mertz.  

Napoléon Coste

Hello friends. We hope you are enjoying your summer so far; and to make it a little more enjoyable we would like to share a new old video of us from our little tour last summer. We do hope you enjoy the video, and once again your summer.