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A big thank you!

A big thank you to all the people who showed up at the concert on saturday. We couldn’t have been more happy with it! Here´s a picture showing how happy we were, and also a sound clip from a couple of weeks ago when we recorded some Mertz.  

Napoléon Coste

Hello friends. We hope you are enjoying your summer so far; and to make it a little more enjoyable we would like to share a new old video of us from our little tour last summer. We do hope you enjoy the video, and once again your summer.

Concert Update

In March/April you can hear us play concerts on these dates and locations: 15/3: Antikvariatet – Trondheim Norway 20.00 26/3: Stjørdal Bibliotek – Stjørdal Norway 19.30 8/4: Cafe-m – Tønsberg Norway 18.00 9/4: Ormøy Kirke – Oslo Norway 19.30 11/4: Storvallen Fjällkapell – Storlien Sweden 18.00 13/4: Östersunds Bibliotek – Östersund Sweden 19.30 16/4: Ørlandet Kultursenter –…

Happy new year!

We wish you all a happy new year! And to celebrate the new year we have added some new content to the site. Please check out the Media-site for four new tracks, and our Press & Contact for some new photos.

Pastorale & Scherzo

Today we had another one of those small recording sessions, playing Pastorale et Scherzo by Claude Antoine Jean Georges Napoléon Coste.  This is a warm up until next year when we are hoping to record a full length album. Stay tuned for updates coming this fall.

Franz Joseph Haydn

We are now preparing a new concert program, and this time we are focusing on the great composer Franz Joseph Haydn. Together with Mozart and Beethoven, Haydn is one of the most prominent composers of the classical period. During his lifespan he composed a great number of solo, chamber and orchestral music, and was one of…

Acoustic Landscape 2014

We have now finished our little summer tour and we are proud to announce that our next performance will be on the festival Acoustic Landscape in Trondheim 8-9th of august on Kristianstens Festning. We will play a midnight concert on the 8th at 23:00. Hope to see you there!